Yes we ‘KHAN’ – Yes we ‘CAN’


Pakistan, a state comprises of 180 million brave-hearts. A country where there is no dearth of talent. A magnificent soil that has produced a myriad of legends in every field. A marvelous land who’s ostensibly known for its ineffable glacier peaks and sublime mountain ranges is now suddenly going through its most difficult time. The evils at the helm look more interested in pelf than saving nation’s lives. They are looting, pillaging , plundering our institutions, yet we are unable to do anything. They ridicule us, they lampoon us, they deride us in front of the whole world, yet we are stolidly bearing their ultimate claptrap. But now, we do not have any reason to tolerate their political hogwash. Pakistan has been gifted a fearless and undaunted leader. A man of great character, a consummate politician of high eminence, a quintessence of political professionalism, and an epitome of truth and justice. He’s pathan, he is our IMRAN KHAN.

Without any doubt, Pakistan is in dire need of a brave leadership. The country is experiencing a slew of internal and external problems and threats. In the age of corruption and venality, the odyssey to ‘Niya Pakistan’ is certainly a colossal challenge for the upcoming government. Our economy has reached a plateau and the state is in a precarious financial pantomime. A common man’s life is in total shambles, where his respect in society is blown to smithereens by our ruling charlatans. The indigents and the citizens are being harassed and exasperated by the belligerent feudal elite (Shahzeb Khan’s case is a pure example). Our litany of miseries haven’t solved by our rapacious parliamentarians but they still guffaw at us. Scenes of lamentation are omnipresent. However, amid these turbulent circumstances, Imran Khan is seriously a breath of fresh air. The charisma he carries, the hope he originates, the message he gives, tells me that he is absolutely perspicacity personified and clearly represents a high colossus of grit and grace. 

Pakistan desperately need someone who can rouse this nation from its deepest slumber. Who can revitalize and and take this nation to its zenith. Not to forget, to become a paragon of truth is the acme of leadership. For me, Kaptaan is the man right now. He doesn’t prattle but deliver. Some of the pure examples are SKMCH, Namal College and World Cup 1992 glory. If we talk about his own party, he definitely knows how to sift opportunists from it. And that’s precisely why he has decided to hold intra-party elections. Indeed, a valiant step taken by the champion. His true smile adumbrates the true feelings of Pakistan. At this very point, we can easily extrapolate that he is the only hope of this beleaguered country. The promise of Niya Pakistan has really enticed many of us, where a true Pakistaniat will emanate from every Pakistani and where we won’t have to grovel and in front of our so-called masters.

We all know that Pakistan is in deep morass, where our country resembles the save haven for dacoits, bezonians, scoundrels, and even harlots. Yet I believe Pakistan will come out of its daunting and gargantuan challenges with flying colors. On the other hand, PPP and other mafias will definitely use their all political guile to stay in power. Perpetuation in self-aggrandizement through illicit means remains their raison d’etre. They have fallen into the moral and intellectual decrepitude and completely failed to understand the labyrinthine complexities of the situation. How can they solve our problems when they are themselves a problem. Always remember: PPP and PMLN are two different fruits stem from the same tree, two sides of the same coin, two evil shades of the same lamp and two avaricious characters of the same movie.  PMLN now even doesn’t want to get rid of Zardari, a perfect apotheosis of ‘muk mukka’.

We now have to support Imran at any cost. There will be NO military putsch or coup d’etat. Media will pursue a personal vendetta against Imran, while it will embellish its stories about Nawaz and Zardari. It’s our collective responsibility to debunk such spurious claims.  Last but not the least, for the entire nation, only Imran is proving to be a bulwark against the callous forces of Status-quo – whose penchant has been to loot Pakistan. I have this strong feeling that under IK’s tutelage, Niya Pakistan is on its way.

Yes we KHAN, Yes we CAN.


Anti-Imran Hysteria


“The jealous are troublesome to others, but a torment to themselves” – William Penn. Since last few days, it is so evident to allude that our media and some jaded liberals have aggressively vetted Imran Khan. Every word of him is now being adamantly scrutinized. Every action of him is now being meticulously noticed. Well, is it a sin to investigate Imran’s every political move? Does it make you a ‘bad boy’ if you castigate him severely? Definitely not, but wait here comes the misery. Unfortunately, some voluble and raucous journalists, in our beloved country, like to contort facts and statements of PTI Chairman. Nowadays, investigative journalism is fading away at a fast pace. Positive criticism can be hardly seen. People want news and News Channels know how to make their headlines snazzy and attractive. So what’s the best option? Ah blame Imran Khan for everything.  On the other hand, our sybarite elitism and self-proclaimed intellectuals simply love to belabor those people who don’t support the military operations. One can say this for sure that they have undoubtedly adopted the Bush’s doctrine – “Either you are with or against us.” It gives me a paroxysm of giggling, a fit of coughing and some convulsions of laughter whenever I hear their fatuous claims on WoT. Yes, to label Imran Khan as a “Taliban-apologist” creates an amalgam of all three obvious situations. Anti-Military operation DOES NOT make one a Pro-Militant. To be honest, our liberals are in the state of conundrum, not IK. In my humblest of opinions, these victims of myopia love Bush more than the Republicans. The most sinister part is that when it comes to debate and arguing, they are severely quick to bellyache. That’s our enlightened and modern class for you.

It is crystal-clear that all agents of status-quo forces have clandestinely joined their hands against Imran. One vital thing to remember – they are snickering, chortling , and tittering from the outside skirts but their hatred towards IK can be easily visible. Their serenity of mind has already converted into vindictive ambitions. Yes, they want to subjugate Imran Khan through their evil campaigns as elections are approaching near.  They have established a consortium so they all can buy youth but time has come to call spade a spade. There is no doubt that our country has reached to its nadir. When the economy descends everyday, when an optimistic looks melancholy depressed, when the anarchy seems inevitable, when the lives become miserable, when seeking an education merely becomes a dream for an ordinary Pakistani, when the nation is bleeding red instead of green, when the political and social chaos is omnipresent, then my dear patriots, it is our collective responsibility to elect Imran in the upcoming elections. There is certainly no dearth of leadership in our country. The same Pakistan has produced slew of legends in every field. It just needs a good leadership who can take this country to its zenith.

We all want to see that Pakistan where peace prevails in every corner and street of the country, where the word “target killing” will be unknown to us, where the international cricket teams and business companies would happily come to Pakistan, where the minorities feel themselves secure as much as the majority. I’m not selling any false hope. These things can be achievable but they won’t come to us as a gift. We all need to contribute something.  What can we do? Well, just put our fears aside for now and give our vote to PTI. Always remember: Pakistan is not a poor country, but a poorly managed country. Only a sincere leadership with real commitments can turn this hell into heaven. And that leader is “Imran Khan.”

Why is Peace March a national necessity?

In times where our nation is going through its most difficult period, where the future looks dark and ominous, where ethnic violence has significantly increased, where our armed forces have been pilloried from every nook and corner, where our security bases are being attacked by some frenetic terrorist groups, where our grandiloquent news channels are continuously updating us with some spicy and excruciating news as if the world is going to end tomorrow, and then suddenly casually talk about Waziristan Peace March is nothing more than a vacuous and an insane thought. Right?

Now here is my argument. I firmly believe that US drones attacks are nothing more than a brazen bestiality on our tribal people who are being traumatized beyond recognition. These whimsical attacks are counter-productive and thus increase more radicalization. What flabbergasts me the most is the utmost silence of our electronic media on this quagmire. I have not seen a single authentic official media documentary on the particular topic. What makes it possible is an amalgam of ignorance and utter callous indifference from our media. I personally think that the Peace March is an absolute necessity in these current turbulent circumstances. We need to show some signs of solidarity as a nation. We need to make the world aware about the ground realities. Tribal people are Pakistanis just like us. They are poignantly suffering from the evils of oppression.

Even Jimmy Carter, Former US President, heavily criticized Obama Administration for its foolish policies on drones. He wrote “We don’t know how many hundreds of innocent civilians have been killed in these attacks, each one approved by the highest authorities in Washington. This would have been unthinkable in previous times. These policies clearly affect American foreign policy. Top intelligence and military officials, as well as rights defenders in targeted areas, affirm that the great escalation in drone attacks has turned aggrieved families toward terrorist organizations, aroused civilian populations against us and permitted repressive governments to cite such actions to justify their own despotic behavior.” What I’m trying to say is that no one will come from outside to help those drone victims. They are our brothers and sisters and we alone have to solve our own-created problems and act as a purveyor of peace. These are some small things that would make a big difference at the end.

Now here is another argument. Why am I not talking about the ethnic and brutal killings of minorities? Are they not humans? Why am I not discussing the target killings that are being done on the bloody boulevards of Karachi? Well, I absolutely condemn these despicable and vicious acts from the bottom of my heart. However, it’s not the time to sprawl on our colorful and luxurious sofas and watch some Bollywood movies, It’s time to act now. Be a part of this Peace March. Regardless of your party affiliations, participate in it for the sake of those traumatized innocent and homeless people who are being deprived of shelter, education and food. Those who have become the victim of poverty and state callousness.

I have to assert that we have been wantonly betrayed from every little corner by our venal and rapacious leaders. According to the Bob Woodward’s book “Obama’s War,” when asked about the approval of Drone attacks, our President replied “Collateral damage worries you Americans, it does not worry me.” Yes, it was indeed a shocking moment for me when I read it. This is the archetypal rude behavior of our callous rulers towards the betrayed nation. Depending on others would simply make the conditions from bad to worse.

We all want to see the Pakistan where peace prevails in every corner and street of the country, where the word “target killing” will be unknown to us, where the international cricket teams and business companies would happily come to Pakistan, where the minorities feel themselves secure as much as the majority. I’m not selling any false hope. These things can be achievable but they won’t come to us as a gift. We all need to contribute something.

Pakistan is a land of the pure, from the beautiful esplanades and littorals of Gwadar to the eye-catching and breathtaking sceneries of Skardu, from the hustle-and-bustle boulevards and environs of Karachi to the naive and brave people of Peshawar. It has had its halcyon days until this war on terror had arrived and took the country to its lowest nadir. We now have to stand and make a decision to give peace at least a chance. Let the world know that we are united and willing to manage our internal problems. Let’s just put our fears aside for a moment and participate in the Peace March which will be led by the valiant Imran Khan.

Dark “khan” Rises

Just look into the sharp piercing eyes of this guy. What do you see? A zionist alien who landed on this planet earth from mars or an unmatchable personality giving a ray of hope to every pakistani. Let’s focus on the latter, Pakistan is 65 years old and counting. Every opportunist has had a chance to loot this country and they did so wholeheartedly and with gay abandon . We had reached to a stage where every ordinary “smoker” was wondering that whether this country will exist or not. Now here came Oct 30th. Stage was all set and we were ready to rock . IK delivered his suave and dulcet speech where he emboldened every charismatic Pakistani to become his soldier and promised to trample every status-quo party. Ah there you go, dummy liberals and journalists started to clamor around all over the place. Political parties (I should say family mafias) decided to install some bunch of paid monkeys on their keyboards so that they could produce some Shakespearean masterpiece. Those pseudo intellectuals who used to sprawl around their colorful sofas, suddenly became the victim of caprice and turned their “water” guns towards IK for literally everything.  Circumstances haven’t changed a lot. Some libidos desperately want to trivialize Imran with their fanatical and specious tweets. Oh how can I forget those seductive liberals who compare IK’s achievements with those of Nawaz Sharif? Let me tell you one thing, IK and NS are just irreconcilable and incomparable . Remember, Nawaz sharif has made all these motorways when he was in POWER and made plenty of personal fortune out of it according to American investigative journalist Raymond Baker’s book. Just tell me a single thing he has done for the people of Pakistan before he joined politics. On the other hand, IK has already made us proud and I hope he’ll take this country to its pinnacle once he becomes our PM (Insh’Allah).

We all want to see that Pakistan where a garbage collector will receive a top-quality education, where earning a green passport feels like a lifetime achievement, where a UN resolution won’t pass until it is not approved by Pakistan, where the minorities feel themselves secure as much as the President and PM. I’ m not selling any false hope, this all can happen and WILL happen Insh’Allah. These sybarite and avaricious Sharifs and Zardaris have now nothing to prove. They are venal opportunists that should be expelled from our homeland forever or should be bring to justice for their all wrong doings.

Talking about Imran, he was a political neophyte 15 years back but not anymore. Forget about the looks, focus on his VISION. This valiant guy has sacrificed so much for Pakistan. The man who gave us the World Cup glory despite of his injured shoulder. The man who built SKMCH when 19 out of 20 doctors had chosen to give up. The man who is providing free education to the poor in the shape of Namal College. Now when he wants to save this obfuscated nation out of this bloody mess, many doubting people are criticizing him from every corner. He’s been fighting alone with these crooks and leeches for the last 15  years. He needs OUR help for the next six months now. Use your VOTE as a weapon. This piece of paper weights more than 10 kg of flour packet. Don’t be misled. For the next six months, these Sharifs and Zardaris and Altafs will make this country a heaven on earth but please DO NOT be misled. Choice is yours. Keemay walay naan or a NEW PAKISTAN?

Last but not the least, BE Imran, VERY Imran.